10 Things You Should Know About Husky Dogs

10 Things You Should Know About Husky Dogs

Siberian Husky dogs are a breed that many people prefer to keep. Although they are perceived as frightening in appearance, they are actually quite good-natured. If you are considering owning a husky or if you already have a Husky, this list can be a good guide for you to understand its language!

1. Husky dogs are more commonly known as “Siberian Husky”. They mostly live in Siberia and near the poles of Russia. However, these dogs were later taken to the Canadian province of Alaska, which has similar climatic conditions, and they were breeded here as well.

2. They became famous all over the world, especially in the 1925s, for people who were fighting the diphtheria epidemic, pulling sleds for miles to access medicines.

3. These dogs, which attract attention with their sharp eyes and eye colors, are kind and good-natured contrary to their appearance.

4. Husky, which is among the most owned dog breeds in the world, is generally known for its glassy blue eyes, but there are also Huskies with brown or flat blue eyes.

5. They live an average of 12 to 15 years. They can grow up to 60 cm in adulthood.

6. Although there is a prejudice about Huskies that they are aggressive, in fact, dogs of this breed have a compassionate nature that likes to be close

7. However, for first-time dog owners, this breed of dog can be a bit challenging. Husky, which has an athletic and strong structure, likes to travel and can get away from home from time to time. They are not the kind that try to please their owners.

8. If you are going to take care of a dog for the first time, you should definitely get professional support for Husky and train him.


9. Do not expect this breed of dogs, which are known for their independence, to adapt easily to apartment life.

10. Siberian wolves are resistant to cold weather. But they should not be kept in hot weather too long.