diseases most common in husky dogs

diseases most common in husky dogs

Husky dogs are generally a healthy breed, but they can be predisposed to certain diseases due to certain genetic or environmental factors. Here are some common diseases in husky dogs:

Hip dysplasia: A condition that occurs due to an abnormality in the hip joint. Huskies have a high risk of hip dysplasia. This may show symptoms in the form of joint pain, straining, or lameness.

Eye problems: Eye problems are quite common among Huskies. Generally, conditions such as cataracts, eye inflammation (conjunctivitis), corneal injuries and eye anomalies can be seen. In addition, hereditary blindness (usually in the form of color blindness), a genetically determined disease, can also occur in huskies.

Dermatological problems: Skin problems can occur in Huskies. Problems such as allergic dermatitis, skin infections, skin rashes, and allergic reactions may be common, especially.

Exercise-related illnesses: Huskies are energetic dogs and can get into trouble if they don't get enough exercise. Therefore, conditions such as exercise-related problems, muscle and joint strains, ligament injuries, and exercise-induced dyspnea may occur.

Thyroid disorders: Thyroid problems can be common in Huskies. Hormonal imbalances may occur as a result of excessive or insufficient functioning of the thyroid glands. This, in turn, can lead to metabolism problems, obesity, skin problems and other health problems.