Wolf dog sings to a baby to stop his cry
  • 29.05.2023
  • 101

Me watching this video: Wow what an awesome dog!

Husky Bullies Me For More Treats!
  • 25.05.2023
  • 7198

That is the best description of Sherpa and Key, I have ever heard 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • 22.05.2023
  • 10246

The fact that the owner is a groomer themselves, but would rather pay for someone else to groom Luna is just hilarious to me 😂

Ok...this one's funny | Husky Dog
  • 22.05.2023
  • 12901

I love him! His eyes are so beautiful, his neck is so long, and he looks like his head has never had a single thought in it!!

Dramatic Husky throws a fit at the groomers
  • 18.05.2023
  • 30166

I love how even though he got mouthy you never put him in a muzzle. You could tell he wasn't biting just being a pest.

World's funniest HUSKY COMPILATION
  • 18.05.2023
  • 2781

Huskies are those breed of dog that looks majestic and badass yet act like total dorks, I love it lol

Huskies Reaction When He Realises She Isn't Really There!
  • 15.05.2023
  • 6468

I think Sherpa needs to get The Biscuit Lady a very special Christmas present this year to show her how much he loves her!

Husky Dances Around the Egg. Dogs Funny React To a Raw Egg
  • 15.05.2023
  • 2671

This was so funny, all three of their reactions were brilliant, I couldn't choose which one was the best, so it's a three way tie for first place.

My Husky Dogs Are Geniuses!! Three Ways to Solve a Logical Problem
  • 15.05.2023
  • 2658

They're all so well-behaved when it's not their turn. And especially impressive to see that Olive could contain herself and not trying to interfere during the others' attempts.😊👍

New IQ Test For My Husky Dogs And Cats! Food in a Hanging Bottle
  • 12.05.2023
  • 7676

Too cute! Love how Olive pushed the bottle back to the edge after you had put it in the middle like "I meant to do that leave lone!".

Funny Husky Reaction To Puppies! Cute Husky Puppies
  • 11.05.2023
  • 4292

That was so cute! Reminds me of how teenagers act when you leave them to babysit toddlers!

This Is Adorable! Husky Teaches Baby To Roll Over!
  • 10.05.2023
  • 45333

This Is Adorable! Husky Teaches Baby To Roll Over!

Husky & Baby Becoming Best Friends!
  • 10.05.2023
  • 4754

The disappointment in his eyes when millie got up and the kid fell, that's my favorite clip, but these are all equally adorable!